Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Update!

The last few weeks have dragged by so very slowly as we waited for the pivotal 5th month ultrasound. That afternoon appointment finally arrived yesterday, and several mysteries were revealed.

First, the baby is looking good. Everything is in the right place and seems to be in good working order. Baby was feisty during the exam; moving around, opening and closing mouth, and sometimes covering face with hands.

About an hour into the exam after an exhausting tour of our baby, the key tidbit emerged from the murky black and white depths of the sonogram. "Well, it looks like you're having a mister," said the tech.

We are having a boy.

It's great news, and we feel blessed that Shannon and baby are cruising along happily and healthily. We'll post a couple snapshots up here as soon as we find the dadgum cable to the camera.

Blog at y'all soon!
Chris and Shannon