Monday, August 14, 2006

Bachelor Party Weekend (Part 1)

This last weekend, a great group of guys assembled in Austin for my bachelor party. Nostalgia, debauchery, thrills, spills, and hilarity are words that begin to scratch the surface of this experience.

I am happy to report that we had no arrests, fights, or ejections from any businesses. For concerned family members, we did not attend any businesses of ill-repute.

Special thanks to Chris Floyd and Carl Sieber for stepping up and making the weekend very special.

Some highlights:
  • We shredded the waters of Lake Travis in our own party armada (a ski boat and a pontoon boat). One boat broke down and was nearly dashed upon the jagged rocks of Devil's Cove (well, it nearly slowly drifted into the bank), but they were towed to safety. Patrick Floyd and Ryan Matthews impressed with some totally X-TREME tube riding skills.
  • The guys surprised me with a custom made pinata likeness of myself dubbed "Little Big Hurt". The thing was scary, but really spot on. Little Big Hurt was a hit and a source of amusement to everyone at the lake who saw me and mini-me.
  • Family-style dinner at Buca Di Beppo was great. We were fighting over the shared food platters like a pack of wild dogs.
  • We partied downtown till the early hours of the morning. Let's just say that some people were VERY thirsty that night. We met up with the lovely ladies from Shannon's Bachelorette Party for some dancing and hijinks.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I've Fallen and I can't Get Up!

Christopher's last post made me come to the realization that in the very near future, I will be walking down and back up 27 steps in a dress with a train and three inch heels while holding my dad in one arm and a bunch of flowers in the other!

Recently, I was in a rush to get to a training at a near by high school. I had on my Lucky Brand Jeans and my Old Navy flip flops. Now, I know for some, walking up stairs could be challenging in flip flops, but generally I manage to get up stairs with no problem. This trip however, was different. I got up to the second flight of stairs, and I felt my entire frame start to move out of control as if there was a lumber jack near by saying, "timmmmmbbbbbbbbeeeeerrrrr!" It turns out my Old Navy flip flops and my Lucky Brand Jeans, aren't so lucky after all! My head was where my feet should have been, my bruised arm was contorted underneath, and I all of the sudden felt like I wasn't the "cool" teacher I like to think I am. I soon after suffered from a bit of uncontrollable laughter, but the daunting thought of my future walk down the "isle" AKA 27 steps in September came soon after. Wish me luck!

So, You're Not Getting Married in a Church...

The traditional wedding invites guests to congregate at a church for the ceremony and then travel to a reception site afterward.

I can vividly recall such weddings: This is Texas, so after the short walk from the parking lot, a base layer of sweat incubates beneath layers of pinstriped wool. The pipe organ fills the air with the strains of Pachelbel's Canon. The organist struggles with the dense and complex sections in the middle of the song, eliciting nervous looks from attendees, but it's no big deal. This is good ole comforting, soothing traditon.

The chapel itself is large, airy, and dignified. This place is pre-decorated, with an air of reverence and decorum. It suits a wedding ceremony perfectly.

Something Different:

Yarr, mateys! We should be having a Pirate Wedding! Shannon said no!

We are taking a different path with our outdoor wedding on the shores of Town Lake in Austin.
A wedding is a tricky balance between the protocols of tradition and the need to have something that is unique and true to yourself.

Our ceremony will follow tradition with an ordained minister: it's simply transplanted to a unique spot in our beloved hometown. Instead of the reliable old organ music, a talented musician friend of ours will be performing a really cool selection of songs.

Weddings Just Wanna Have Fuuu-un!
Moving out of the quiet reverence of a church lightens the atmosphere. This is a a celebration of a pretty darn cool life event. And, after the ceremony, the party with food, music, and open bar are only few steps away.

So, here's hoping that there's a healthy balance of tradition and unique quirks. Let's also hope:

  • Global warming, El Nino, or whatever relent and give us a cool and breezy evening
  • No rabid bats, squirrels, lemurs, or Austin City Limits concert-goers crash the ceremony
  • That Shannon doesn't fall down the numerous stairs in our 'aisle' at Shoreline Grill

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mutant Names From Mars!

When it comes to weddings, tradition is always colliding with Hot New Trends! Nowadays, some newlyweds eschew the old name change tradition for the "Meshing" approach. The bride and groom combine their last names to create a mutant hybrid last name.

It's more fair this way, and both people have to learn new signatures.

So, how would meshing work for us? (not too well, I think)
  • Kennedieber
  • Siebennedy
  • Kenneber
  • Siebedy

Try it on your married / maiden names! I suspect that meshing doesn't work for most people.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Time Like the Present...

It's crunch time. Americans around the country now have an opportunity to make their voices heard. Will they pile into planes, trains, or automobiles? Will they journey to the heart of Texas for the weekend of September 16th?

Will Shannon's multi-color predictive spreadsheet have forecast the correct number of attendees for the wedding? Just how many hand-passed goat cheese tarts are we going to need?

Only you, our aunts, uncles, friends, parents, grandparents, coworkers, and other loved ones can answer that question.

So, please, whether it be twinged with regret or exuberant with affirmation, let your voice be heard! Don't fall prey to intimidation, butterfly wedding invitations, or hanging chads.

Rise up! Take what is yours! No response cards, no peace! Attendee counts by whatever means necessary!

Respondez Si Vous Plait!