Friday, December 15, 2006

We Have Prevailed

On an unseasonably warm night at the legendary Krieg Field kickball grounds, the Ball Busters made history. We won the first annual adult recreational co-ed kickball league championship 5 to 2.

This year we've all faced down adversity. We've fought through challenging traffic jams on the way to far, far south Austin. We may not have been the sleekest team or the most ambidextrous. We simply had the heart of a champion.

I remember hearing from Chris about our first game. Shannon and I were on our honeymoon, so we did not play. Our team lost 21-1 in a brutal exhibition game. Lesser teams would have taken this defeat, and gone off somewhere to die in the woods. Instead, we rose from the ashes and built an impermeable membrane that we like to call a defense.

The league was definitely worth the soul-crushing traffic jams, the strained quadriceps, and the ludicrously cold night games. We done good. We done good.


Anonymous said...

DRS says...

Congratulations team!

Way to brave a wicked start, adverse weather, traffic and your own inner demons.

You have now set the standard by which all future kickball league champions will be judged. May the look back with admiration and respect. Amen brother.

Anonymous said...

Chris F. here......

I love that our biggest fan lives in California - thanks, DRS. If we had jerseys, I'd send one to you.

until we kick again,

Chris said...

Our next team might just have jerseys. We'll save one for you.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the team photo!! You truly MUST have jerseys next time! :)