Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello World!

Dear Blog Audience:

Shannon and I would like to make a very special announcement. We are having a baby.
The due-date is October 19th. This is a very interesting turn of events in our lives, and we're unbelievably excited to find out what the future holds for us.
There will be more to come in this blog, and we will be sending specially trained carrier pigeons with tiny little scrolls with this news. If one of these pigeons approaches, please don't eat it.
The picture above is about 5 weeks ago. It was just like the movies! We went into a darkened room with a couple of monitors. The kindly nurse put some gel on Shanon's stomach..Then suddenly there we were looking at our tiny little flesh and blood. It was quite a moment. In our most recent visit, we've been told that everything is good...strong heartbeat and all that.
Finally, we are accepting application essays for why you feel the baby should be named after you. Stay in touch..Leave comments here early and often.
Shannon and Chris


Kijar said...
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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! Based on the fact that I will be joining you guys in the Austin city limits during this very BIG point in your lives, you should name the baby after me if it is a girl...Little Lizzy Sieber!! If the baby turns out to have an extra leg, you should name him Bevo.

LOVE YOU GUYS! Sincere congrats and positive vibes. :)

The Wright Fam said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!! October is a great month, although the summer may seem a little hotter when your prego Shannon! :-) Keep us posted, I am excited to find the blog updates on your little one on the way! By the way, our blog is thewrightaggies.blogspot- it has out latest fam updates and pics too! Congrats again!

goldingtx said...

Congrats!!! We were sooooo excited to hear the news!! Stephen thinks the baby should be named after him, since you got great training for parenthood watching 101
Dalmations at least 101 times while babysitting him!! Take care of yourself. We love you!!!!
The Golding Clan AKA Shannon's Mom #2

Elder Family said...

Congratulations!!! I am so excited for ya'll. Wish I could see you pregnant~ You will be sooo cute! Keep in touch

Chris said...

Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate it and we'll try to stay in touch over the coming months...