Monday, June 30, 2008


To anyone reading this on the Internet. Please go see the new Pixar movie, Wall-E.

We saw this at our beloved Alamo Drafthouse. We showed up early for the sell-out show and dined on queso fries and a "Blazing Saddles" BBQ Chicken Pizza. Dinner and a movie dates are always great here, and we do know that our dating days are numbered.

Wall-E exceeded my expectations. The movie was amazing, beautiful, and touching. Five minutes after leaving the theatre, I was already thinking about buying the movie on BluRay to be able to watch, rewatch, and catch all the intricate detail layered throughout. Shannon reported that Baby Sieber seemed to enjoy the movie as well, as evidenced by numerous kicks and movements that indicated approval and cheering.

The reviews are almost universally positive:

Some curmudgeons might have their political sensibilities offended by the movie's secondary message about grotesque consumerism and environmental concerns, but don't let that put you off. Wall-E is a winner.

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