Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dip it Good: Austin Cooking Challenge Party Recap

A cleverly presented cream cheese dessert dip won the prestigious Golden Apron at the 7th Austin Cooking challenge this last Saturday. Shannon's "Big Apple" cream cheese dip defeated upstart challenge rookie Matt's "Buffalo Hotness".

The champ served her dip in hollowed granny smith apples. Judges used fresh apple wedges, pretzel sticks, and graham crackers to tast the dip. Matt served up a spicy, tangy buffalo sauce and blue cheese concoction. The taste was there, but a pedestrian presentation (common oversight for rookies) was the deciding factor in the championship match.
Turnout was great for the cooking challenge party on Saturday night. 12 dishes were entered in the contest, and the quality of the submissions was unprecedented. Entries included:
Pool A
Big Red -
Kristin's Diced Fruit
Don't Judge a Dip By Its Cover
Big Apple
Roasted Eggplant with Garlic
Spicy Citrus White Bean Dip
Pool B
Lyons Salsa
First Round Draft Dip
Buffalo Hot-ness
Pepperoni Dream Cheese
One-eyed Pete's Southwestern Corn Dip
Mrs. M's Mystery Dip
Overall, dip worked great for a cooking challenge. There was some serious culinary creativity on display. From the humble beginnings of the Guacamodown, the bar has risen higher and higher with each competition. We enjoyed creative recipes like Chris's very unusual and delicious hot pecan pie-esque First Round Draft Dip. We have well-presented dips like the Big Apple and Kristin's colorful fruit melange. Most of all, these dips brought big flavor. Buffalo Hotness, Roasted Eggplant, the Spicy White Bean dip, and several others were bold and delicious. It was impressive to behold and even better to eat.

Once again, I was knocked out in the first round. I'm still proud of my fan-favorite warm pepperoni and cream cheese dip. Look for it soon at a party near you. I'm also very proud of Shannon for winning the golden apron for a second time. Stay tuned for details about the next cooking party that should happen some time this summer.

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Amanda K said...

So sad we missed the competition! Looking forward to the next one and agree with Sarah that we should go with "baby food" theme. Maybe all the kiddos can judge? :)