Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Mikey Report

  • Mad Dog continues his prodigious growth. He's holding steady at 95th percentile in height. He wears 2T clothes at 14 months. I eagerly await my chance to be an obnoxiously overbearing sports dad / coach.
  • The vocabulary increases daily. He's no Moose Collins, but Mikey is starting to banter a bit. Words in regular rotation in relative order of frequency used: 1. NANA (aka, give me another banana to stuff down my gullet in 12 seconds), bella, no, uh oh, dada, mama, ball, ba ba (bottle), apple, J.J. (pronounced Yay-Yay), Velcro (pronounced Go-Go), fish, night night, bye bye, yes, this, Jake, and finally, oh sh_t. Yes, he said the S word at day care after he dropped a toy. I think he probably picked it up from Shannon. It definitely wasn't from me, unless he watched the BCS national championship with me.
  • Mad Dog ate and passed a shiny quarter. This caused no ill effects to him, but it did embarass us parents.
  • The kid dances constantly. Songs with a strong drum beat get him going. The moves are unique. It's a kind of lurching, bouncing strut with some spins and shoulder mojo working. Videos of this will be posted soon.
  • Mikey loves older kids. He's obsessed with his 7 year-old uncle J.J. He copies anything that JJ does to the best of his 14 month old ability.
  • I'm running out of steam here, so here's a picture from the historic FIRST HAIRCUT.


Grampy said...

What kind of car is that?

Chris said...

That is a miniature red ferrari. Mikey kept trying to stand up, which is normally not a good idea in a convertible.