Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sorry, Dad

We all collaborated to select your grandfather name. You've always been referred to as Grumpaw or Grampaw. Michael has heard the correct name hundreds of times.

Toddlers have a way of sidetracking the best laid plans. There's a quirk somewhere in Michael's developing verbal skills. Some consonant sounds are just difficult to correctly speak at the tender age of 22 months. I'm sure that your grandfather name will be corrected as soon as Mikey's little mouth develops a bit more. We'll continue to work on it. Don't worry. We will not rest until your grandfather name reflects the respect and dignity that you deserve, dad.

Until then, our hands are tied. Before we conclude here, please be aware that we make no guarantee as to the ultimate disposition of your grandfather name. Sometimes the name chooses you, not the other way around. This one might stick.

Once again, we're sorry to be at this point, and we hope that your grandfather name is resolved very soon, Dad, I mean, Pee-Paw.


amandakoell said...

It could be worse ... like Pee-Poo. Love that Michael came up with his own version :).

shannon said...

Michael calls his grampy "gimpy" I kind of think that's way worse!

Anonymous said...

All of Michael's nick names are awesome! I'm a huge fan of nick names, and he seems to mint gold!!!

DRS (Mush-Mouth)

Anonymous said...

/Stands at the window
/Stares into distance

Chris said...

I wonder who is our wistful mystery emoter from the above comment?