Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Presidential Candidates

A Good Idea:
Poker is a fascinating and challenging game. Playing it well requires mastery of fear, strong analytical thinking, excellent instincts, tactical flexibility, and solid strategic skills. You know, those sound like things that might be nice to have in a President of the United States.

Last night on The Daily Show, a Harvard professor proposed a simple idea:

Stage a poker game between the presidential candidates on national television. Voters can watch and get a good look at the actual strategic decision-making of each candidate.

It would certainly be more informative than these ridiculous "debates."

Unfortunately, we'll just file that along with ending the Electoral College in the "That's nice, but it's Not Gonna Happen" folder.

Disclaimer: This is the first and last political post I will ever post here. There's nothing lamer than political blogs. Well, except maybe celebrity gossip / papparazzi blogs.

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