Monday, September 29, 2008

Double Congratulations

First, congratulations to our dear friends Clay and Sarah for the birth of their awesome little dude, Austin. We were fortunate to visit with them at the hospital and hold their son on his birthday. He is indeed pretty cool with long hands and feet and a handsome little face. Well-made, Clay and Sarah!

It was an illuminating experience, and we have a lot better idea about what to expect when we finally head to the hospital ourselves. Our goal is to do our homework now but stay flexible and ready for the unexpected.

Another congratulations goes to Olie-O and Emily. We had a great time at the wedding in Plano. This day was a long time coming, and he is one of the happiest grooms I have ever seen. Shannon was a trooper to travel and celebrate at the wedding at 37 weeks pregnant.

The reception featured hours of funky dance moves. Some highlights: a massive "Sweet Caroline" sing-along that was like a Broadway number, an invisible jump rope "double dutch" dance off, and Olie-O just being Olie-O on the dance floor.

I think I've got some of the finest friends in the word and it was great as always to visit with them in Dallas.

Now we're back in Austin working on the to-do list and waiting. Bring on the baby, I say!
A couple of pictures from the weekend:


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