Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tap Dancin' Baby Momma

To all my loyal followers of dance, to those who came to support me and cheer for me at the recital, to those who only wish they could see my awesome display of agility, and to all the haters....I present to you the dancin' momma....

Dancing Update: Although I only have 6 1/2 weeks left until our little tap dancin' boy comes into this world, I am still taking both tap and jazz. I just started my second week back and I'm still loving it. I did have to borrow some tap shoes from the stock of used shoes for the middle school's dance classes since my feet have grown to at least one size bigger than my actual tap shoes, but that has been the only set back as of yet. We have already started on our moves for the recital in May (we're kind of slow learners). In an effort to keep up, I only plan on taking the minimal time away from my classes as possible. What I can promise you are some sassy walks, hair sweeping, and possibly a jazz hand or two.

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Sarah said...

FINALLY!! I've been waiting for this video!