Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mikey Speech

Mikey is talking a lot lately. He mainly uses sentences, which clearly means that he will be an excellent orator when he is older. Recent utterances and common phrases from the little guy:

"I want that one" - General request, usually referring to food or some kind of toy

"Bella, No! Go away!" - Command used against a personal space invading Corgidor, looking for some food.

"Daddy, I got owwie." - Phrase accompanied by pointing at a bug bite of some kind.

"I wanna swing. I want outside. I wanna swing." - Request to go in the front yard to play on the infant swing. This is repeated ad nauseum.

"A-a-a-airplane!" - Mikey's response to most loud engine noises heard outside. This includes emphatic pointing skyward and looking around to see the plane in flight.

"Frain! (train)...Choo! Choo!" - The response to all train sightings, both real or imagined. Note that the "choo choo" utterance is made at a very high octave.

"I Booped!" - This utterance, usually accompanied by some knowing laughter, signifies the perfect time to hand the baby off to a significant other or grandparent.

Sorry for the weak blog post today. I guess it's better than nothing!

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