Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rock Star

I'm a bad dude. Shannon has been asleep on the couch since about 6. Mikey and I played a long bout of throw the tennis ball, run around, and scream. We chased the dog around. We rolled a baseball on the floor. You know, guy stuff.

Next, Mikey got his bath and his standard lotion treatment. We then headed to his bedroom and popped in his lullaby c.d. We read though five books (Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?, Searching for Aliens, Charlie the Ape, the Big Machines Picture Book, and, finally, What do Dinosaurs do at Bed Time?")

After all that, I completed a perfect transfer of the still awake baby into his crib. I said "night night, rubbed his head, then left the room. In the jungle the lion sleeps tonight. All without waking up Shannon. Someone get me a Pulitzer, a Wurlitzer, or some kind of prize.


Sarah said...

You ARE a rock star. Highest props for steller Daddy skills.

(BTW, we have a few of the "How do Dinosaurs...?" books too. Very popular. My personal fav is "...Love Their Cats")

shannon said...

Love you.

joven said...

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Mrs. Lott said...

Awesome! Pass this along to Rambo--she needs some encouragement! And I'm totally jealous Shannon is getting to nap! :0)