Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mutant Names From Mars!

When it comes to weddings, tradition is always colliding with Hot New Trends! Nowadays, some newlyweds eschew the old name change tradition for the "Meshing" approach. The bride and groom combine their last names to create a mutant hybrid last name.

It's more fair this way, and both people have to learn new signatures.

So, how would meshing work for us? (not too well, I think)
  • Kennedieber
  • Siebennedy
  • Kenneber
  • Siebedy

Try it on your married / maiden names! I suspect that meshing doesn't work for most people.


Sarah said...

I think the last one is my favorite. But you know, this comming from "Sarah Collilley" probably doesn't mean much. Oh yeah and "Clay Willins" agrees. :)

shannon said...

I love Clay Willins! That is the best! I also love Siebedy. I think I may name the granddog Siebedy when I get him or her!

retraC said...

Man, I want some of that cake...

Sarah said...

Shannon - Siebedy was our favorite too. I really think when you adopt a sibling for Mr. Crow that should be the name!

Stephanie said...

I think I like Kenneber the best. And I think it does work one of my friends refuses to call me anything but Stephanie Millster.

PJydenneK said...

The granddog named Siebedy. I think that would work.