Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So, You're Not Getting Married in a Church...

The traditional wedding invites guests to congregate at a church for the ceremony and then travel to a reception site afterward.

I can vividly recall such weddings: This is Texas, so after the short walk from the parking lot, a base layer of sweat incubates beneath layers of pinstriped wool. The pipe organ fills the air with the strains of Pachelbel's Canon. The organist struggles with the dense and complex sections in the middle of the song, eliciting nervous looks from attendees, but it's no big deal. This is good ole comforting, soothing traditon.

The chapel itself is large, airy, and dignified. This place is pre-decorated, with an air of reverence and decorum. It suits a wedding ceremony perfectly.

Something Different:

Yarr, mateys! We should be having a Pirate Wedding! Shannon said no!

We are taking a different path with our outdoor wedding on the shores of Town Lake in Austin.
A wedding is a tricky balance between the protocols of tradition and the need to have something that is unique and true to yourself.

Our ceremony will follow tradition with an ordained minister: it's simply transplanted to a unique spot in our beloved hometown. Instead of the reliable old organ music, a talented musician friend of ours will be performing a really cool selection of songs.

Weddings Just Wanna Have Fuuu-un!
Moving out of the quiet reverence of a church lightens the atmosphere. This is a a celebration of a pretty darn cool life event. And, after the ceremony, the party with food, music, and open bar are only few steps away.

So, here's hoping that there's a healthy balance of tradition and unique quirks. Let's also hope:

  • Global warming, El Nino, or whatever relent and give us a cool and breezy evening
  • No rabid bats, squirrels, lemurs, or Austin City Limits concert-goers crash the ceremony
  • That Shannon doesn't fall down the numerous stairs in our 'aisle' at Shoreline Grill

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Sarah said...

I would have voted for the pirate wedding, but, alas...I didn't get a vote. :( Can I wear an eye patch anyway? Maybe at the reception?