Monday, July 28, 2008

Did I Eat Too Many Beans or is that a Baby Kicking Me?

Although I had been feeling faint sensations of what I originally thought was a little bit of gas or some bad Taco Bueno since I was close to 18 weeks pregnant, I've found it is the most amazing feeling to feel your future child kick, punch, roll, whatever kind of party he is having inside me. The sensation started off almost 10 weeks ago with a feeling I described as having bubbles in my tummy. You can see why I thought I ate some bad Taco Bueno. After reading a bit in my Mayo clinic book and researching online, I found that these "bubbles" were actually my baby moving.

Since then, Baby Sieber's movements have become so pronounced that I have been able to see my stomach move up and down with his little jabs and pokes. Who needs TV or books when you have a child inside of you to entertain you? Christopher and I have been able to feel real body parts...we aren't really sure which body parts we are feeling, but I know it has to be a leg or a skull or some part of his anatomy.

Last week I was assisting with a teacher training at UT, and as I was talking with the group of teachers, he gave me such a whack in the stomach that my arms, which were peacefully resting on the top of my big belly, gave a slight jump. Maybe he was telling me he didn't really like my arms there, maybe he was telling me he really likes robots, or maybe (hopefully) he was practicing "Texas Fight" who knows? I love those little moments that no one else notices or knows about. They really make all of the uncomfortable facets of gestating a child sort of fade into the background. Who cares if I can't sleep, sit or stand without changing positions 500 times, it all seems to fade into the background when you feel that roll of an elbow, or what must be a tiny foot pressing up against your skin.

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Chris said...

I think it's the beans =)