Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Sieber Update

As of today, Baby Sieber is 32 weeks old. He weighs approximately 4 pounds and is kicking me in the ribs at the rate of 20 times/hour. He's measuring about a centimeter bigger than normal which is better than being in the 31 percentile which is what he was at 20 weeks. I'm gaining weight like I'm training to be a sumo wrestler at the 2012 Olympics. Is that even an Olympic Sport? If not, it should be. I would much rather watch that than synchronized diving!

He has a room that was beautifully painted by his Grandma, GiGi, and furniture that was lovingly put together, taken apart (because it was put together wrong), and put back together by Grumpa, dad, and supervised by Bella. His Nana has currently taken home a plethora of fabric to make his bed skirt, curtains and possibly a few pillows. We can't wait to see the finished products! Check out the link under "Photos" to see the rest of the nursery pics!

Christopher and I are doing the arduous task of searching for childcare. We are on one waiting list at one place and have visited a couple of others as well as interviewed one other person in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the neighborhood lady was not such a good deal. Although she lived in a beautiful and large house, she had eight children crammed into a tiny non air conditioned garage with dirty rubber floors to which all of the babies were crawling on. My heart breaks as I write this, and I wonder what parent would feel comfortable leaving their tiny baby in those conditions. Certainly not me! We are off to another interview on Wednesday. I'm optimistic that this is the one, but we might be back to the drawing board.

School will be starting in two days and I'm anxious to see how Baby Sieber handles himself and makes me feel once I go back to a full eight to ten hour day. I'm sure my feet will be the size of watermelons each day as I go home.

Things we have discovered that he responds well to: Traditional Mexican Music, Tupac, and UT Football

Things that make him unhappy: bacon, seafood, when dad burps, and showing his entire face during sonograms.

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The Wright Fam said...

Shannon you look so cute with your little baby bump!! Not too much longer and your little one will be here and sleeping in that crib that dad worked so hard putting together!