Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There have not been many updates lately for the 3 people who read this page, so please accept my apologies. Here are some things that have happened lately:

We survived a major baby shower in the Dallas area on a 107 degree summer day. I nearly plummeted to my doom through a rotted wood balcony when a board suddenly collapsed. We were showered, nay, swamped with presents. All that generosity is going to get us off to a great start.

The baby due date looms ever closer. Less than 8 sleep-filled weeks of carefree living remain. Our friends Clay and Sarah are even closer. Their Little Dread Pirate Collins should make landfall sometime in September. ARRRRR!

Little brother J.J. who is five years old informed me on Friday that, "Zombies are really real, and they don't ever die. Even from that lightning." His big brother Carter has decided that young children should learn about brain-eating undead. Don't worry, it's nothing a little therapy can't straighten out.

Baby Sieber's nursery is taking shape. Gail and Dad visited, and we immediately set them to work painting, lugging furniture, and assembling a crib. The results are pretty cool (pictures to come soon).

This is not a particularly funny entry, so please visit www.theonion.com for some laughs.

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Sarah said...

Wish I would have known the TRUTH about Zombies before I went and got knocked up. The thought of bringing a child in to this world knowing that nothing can kill them is enough to ruin the 30 min of sleep I'm getting a night!