Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Golden Baby

This evening we finally went for our 3-D Ultrasound. The Sieber's like to call this, "The Golden Baby" pictures. Baby is very stubborn and doesn't like his picture taken. (I wonder where he gets his stubbornness from?) He kept putting his hand in front of his face, but we did get a few good shots! It did seem like his mannerisms were very much like his dad's, but who knows!? You can check out the rest of the pictures on our "Golden Baby" link under photos.


Sarah said...

I think he's the most handsome golden baby I have ever seen. Ours looked like a bird...or a tiny Jewish he is not in the running for most handsome.

shannon said...

Ahhh...I'm sure Moose will be beautiful, how could he not be?