Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Sieber Arrival Date Poll...

Lets get your vote!

These are the votes I have so far, please submit yours when you get a chance. You can either e-mail myself or Chris, or post here and I will edit as we go. I'm bored.

Friday 31st1

Here are some comments that went along with the votes today...


  • 11:59
  • I vote for today!! Since I know you want him here!! Yeah!


  • all of the Sieber boys were born on Fridays
  • he will share a birthday with his Grumpa
  • Friday is my pick for Little Hurt Day.
  • I say Friday during lunch………………..


  • I will take Saturday. I think that he might want to watch some college football.
  • Saturday, during the game. It would only be right seeing as he will be "gifted" for all games UT wins for the rest of the season
  • My vote is for Saturday, and I'll take it one step further -- you're going to have your baby in the AM
  • Add me to the Saturday votes - I think you may be headed to the hospital Friday evening, and he'll arrive in the wee hours of the morning.
  • My vote is Saturday. Children always demand your needs when you have something planned.


  • I am going to guess Saturday evening (after eating Mexican food and [other things]) you will go into labor and deliver Sunday morning!!!
  • I’ve thought from the very beginning he was going to be born on the 26th
  • {My husband} and I both say Sunday!! No real reason, just gut feeling.
  • Grampy votes Sunday the 26th
  • I vote for Sunday...maybe Little Hurt will be good juju for the Cowboys like Moose has been for the Longhorns.


  • New Zealand celebrates Labor Day on the fourth Monday in October. So will Little Hurt.
  • I really hate to rain on your parade, but first babies tend to be very obstinate. I'll have to go with the "pessimistic almost Dad" and vote for induction date Tuesday. I've just seen that happen way too many times! I think he's going to let his Daddy have his UT weekend!
  • I’m with the pessimistic friend that baby will wait until Tuesday. It will be the best birthday present a mom could ever hope for. (plus, it’s just another way the baby will make sure nothing is about you again, ever).
  • I'm going to go with induction day, but I think you'll go into labor before they induce.
  • It's Mummy's!, It's Diwali-the Hindu New Year!
  • It will be the 28th says the awaiting uncle!!!!
  • It will be Tuesday the 28th (Shannon's B-day also). Mark it down. Labor is something that only happens to other people.
  • Tuesday. I am in kind of a worst case mood.

Friday: October 31st

  • One week from Friday, sorry

Thanks to everyone who partook in the poll! It has made my day a little bit more interesting!

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Chris said...

Great job Shannon. I loved reading all the comments. I'm still betting Tuesday =) . Let's enjoy the restful nights in the meantime.