Monday, October 20, 2008

I took a picture of the baby's mooses!

Now that I have a little free time on my hands, I thought I would share some of the things that others have thought about Little Hurt coming into this world.

Our future Longhorn Kicker has already started his famous endeavor by having an article written about him in the Cedar Valley Middle School Newspaper. The newspaper hasn't come out yet, as it generally takes a few weeks, but I'm sure it will be an interesting addition to Baby Sieber's scrapbook. The article is mainly about, "how much of a Longhorn will Mrs. Sieber's baby be." I had some great quotes from Christopher like, "we are already teaching him about the dangers of becoming an Aggie," but I'm not quite sure if my former student turned reporter really wrote any of that stuff down!

On another note, our Longhorn Mobile, from one of Christopher's college friends, got some pretty funny attention by his adopted little brother. JJ recently got a spiderman digital camera and was taking pictures of all sorts of things around the house from Bella to the baby's room. He was just hanging out with us and said, "I took a picture of the baby's mooses!" He was very proud of this statement, but it sort of perplexed Christopher and I as we didn't recall putting any sort of moose decoration in the baby's room. We asked JJ to show us the picture on his tiny digital screen, and we both started cracking up. JJ had taken a picture of Little Hurt's Longhorn Mobile. I guess since he's from Montana, it is natural for him to think of a moose before a Longhorn!

The baby has already brought on some wonderful things for the UT football team. We have made sure he watches all of the big games, and I think Colt plays better when he's awake! Chris Floyd has generously promised a different Longhorn gift for every game that UT wins between the Rice game and his birth. I'm beginning to wonder if he regrets this decision considering that they are currently ranked #1, and Little Hurt seems pretty content in his current housing situation.


Sarah said...

As the mother of a real live baby Moose, I appreciate JJ's photographic chronicle of Little Hurt's room decor.:) Clay says that he really likes the moose mobile, but it would have been really cool of you guys could have found a UT mobile.

shannon said...

Clay is SO funny!