Monday, November 10, 2008


It is Monday, November 10th, 2008 and Michael is now 16 days old. The nine months that we waited for this little guy to come on to this Earth seemed to take FOREVER, and now that he is here, our time is going by too quickly. I've already noticed how his long skinny fingers have started to fatten up and how his little chicken legs are starting to get those Kennedy thighs on him. He's gone from eating every three hours to every two hours and eating for longer periods of time.

We have been doing pretty good, and we have started to go out more and for longer periods of time. Michael went to his first high school football game on Friday. Although the football wasn't that entertaining, the half time show was awesome. The Reagan High School band has got it going on with dancing and great drum riffs. They made McCullum's show seem like nap time!

Although 17 days ago, I found myself scared out of my mind that there was no turning back, this little person that Christopher and I created is the very best thing that has ever happened to both of us. We are trading in our multiple evenings of great wine and food that took a lot of thought and time to make for endless feedings and whatever I can hold in one hand to stuff in my mouth while the other is tending to Michael. The transaction is well worth every coo, cry, and sweetness that this little boy has brought into our lives.

We will be posting more pictures soon!

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