Friday, November 21, 2008

French Fry Grazing and Fairness

You are picking up a bag of fast food, including two orders of french fries. On the drive home you do what comes naturally: you graze from the top of the bag, consuming fries until you get home.

When the time comes to dole out the meals and the fries, you are faced with a choice. Do you present the other party with the partially depleted portion of fries, hoping that they blame the deficiency on random chance or do you take the smaller serving?

Maybe you deserve the extra grazed/poached fries as compensation for picking up and hauling the food home? Or maybe you are actually stealing from your dining partner?

I think the best solution is to apply a french fry fairness doctrine. Spread the wealth around a bit. Combine the french fries into a shared pool and enjoy your meal.


shannon said...

Is this something you recently had to face? I do like your idea though and appreciate your enthusiastic approach to being "fair"

Chris said...

You may have noticed a smaller than normal amount of waffle fries last week in your Chick Fil A order. I have no further comment.

shannon said...

I don't need extra fries...I've got baby weight to lose!

Sarah said...

Everyone needs extra fries, Shannon. And...I say the grazed fries are compensation for the trouble of picking up a meal for the beautiful and hungry baby momma at home.. Therefore, to balance it out, get THREE orders of fries to ensure each party has a FULL order to eat with their delish Chik-Fil-A sammich.

Chris said...

3 orders of fries...BRILLIANT!