Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Corgidor Comfort

Lounging is a fine art and a skill. You have to really commit to it and leave it all on the line to achieve pure comfort nirvana. I think Bella knows what she is doing here:
This is the picture that I emailed to the Waco Humane Society to show them how our wonderful shelter dog is living now. Who needs a $1,200 Welsh Corgi when you can get an $80 Corgidor?

Update: The response from Corgidor owners around the world has been really cool. Your stories are great. I would like to publish some pictures of people's Corgidor friends. If you email to christopher.sieber at Gmail . Com , I will try to compile and share...


Sarah said...

I totally agree!! Waco Corgidors ROCK!

Chris said...

She's not a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She's a Been Broke Waco Corgidor!

Danielle said...


I was looking for some information about the Corgidor. I love your dog, she's totally cute!!
I have what you guys in the US call a Corgidor. My dog Shane is from Greece, I adopted him about 7 years ago when he was just 3 months old. I've been looking and searching, what kind of cross breed he would be and now I know; he's a Corgidor.

I would love to have another one, but here in The Netherlands they don't breed them (yet).

I would love to show you a picture of Shane, but I don't know how to do it.

Best regards from Holland and a hug for your pretty dog!!


Kevin said...

i look at the picture of your corgidor and she looks *exactly* like mine... wow

SancheZ said...

I have one too they are great dogs
I adopted him from a shelter . Not to much info on the web about them other than some posts of people saying that they are not corgidors but mutts due to their mix heritage , But I'll tell you what I've been around alot of dogs in my life and by far this one is the coolest I have ever had ... VIVA LA CORGIDOR !!!!!

Rena said...

I'm in the SF Bay Area and I have one too!! He's 1.5 years old and a great dog. I've had Golden Retrievers my whole life and he has totally made me want another CORGIDOR!

We are all so blessed to have these ridiculously cute pups!

Chris said...

It's great to see all these visitors from Corgidor fans! I've posted a few more pictures of Bella the Corgidor:


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I have a Corgidor named Emmy. Shes the cutest, most fun loving dog ever. I love how someone above described corgidors as big dogs in little bodies, its so true. id love to share pictures of emmy i will figure out how to post some soon.

Chris said...

I'll compile and post Corgidor photos from you guys on this blog if you want. E-mail to
Christopher.sieber at Gmail.com and I'll see what I can do!

I love reading these corgidor stories. They rock!

Anonymous said...

This looks JUST like my dog Ziggy, we've been trying to figure out for two years what she might be. I've seen from your blog you have ties to Tuscaloosa, where I am located. Small world!