Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekly Update

Richard Thompson at the Cactus Cafe:
We joined a big family outing (10 of us!) to see legendary British folk-rocker Richard Thompson play the Cactus Café at UT. I felt out of place because I left my beret and pony tail at home. We got to see an absolute master of the guitar play in a venue the size of a Starbuck's café. It was a real humdinger of a show. The highlight of the night was the always hilarious "Hots for the Smarts".
Salt Lick in Round Rock:
Our big posse also dined upon giant piles of fine smoked meats at the new Salt Lick Barbeque location in Round Rock. The setting and atmosphere can't match the flagship original in bucolic Driftwood, Texas, but it's still some solid bbq in gut-busting quantities. Please note that the original Salt Lick is a BYOB facility, and a giant cooler full of Shiner Bock makes everything taste better.
Four Month Milestone:
Mikey visited the pediatrician for his 4 month check up. Four months already? Our skinny little elf has filled out into a cherubic little, err, cherub, jumping up a couple of levels on the growth charts. After a pretty pleasant visit, he appeared quite surprised and perturbed to receive several shots. So far, there are no signs of autism or of mutated super powers. He received a cool "Bolt" sticker for his troubles.

Devil Teeth of Doom:
Benjamin Franklin once wrote that "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." That's great. Conversely, I think that teeth are proof that God maybe doesn't love us so much. Baby's first tooth started trying to scratch and claw its little enamel self to the surface this weekend. Our happy little cherub was transformed into a singularity of misery overnight on Saturday. He was a sleep-destroying harpy of doom. All that trouble for one little future tooth. Once we get this one to come in, I guess there's like 20 more to go. See you at the coffeeshop. I'll be the one with the triple espresso and the dark circles under my eyes.


Momma Rowland said...

this is too funny! I love the way you work things...ohh how the Duncan's are sarcastic! Teething is hard! Try the teething tablets and frozen washclothes!

Sarah said...

Mikey rocks. Sorry about the teething. It sucks...we're there too.