Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Friday...

Quick Updates (I'm typing these very fast, probably close to 45 w.p.m., but you can read slowly if you want to savor them):

Five Months:
Earlier this week, the Mad Dog Baby (Michael Duncan) hit his five month birthday. He'll be covering himself in a Cookie Monster 1 year old birthday cake before we know it.

Being five months old carries with it added responsibility and maturity. Among those responsibilities:
  • sitting up in a high chair like a big boy.
  • Attempting to eat rice cereal from a spoon, even if 99.86% of it ends up on your chin, neck, and onesie.
  • Sleeping in your own room and crib. Sorry, kiddo, but your days in mom and dad's room are numbered.
  • Sleeping almost through the night without parental intervention. We love hanging out with you, and you have the most beautiful crying voice, but 4 a.m. isn't convenient for us any more. Have your people call our people and set something up during daylight hours. K? Thanks, buh bye.
  • Drinking for a sippy cup. I'm not really excited about this one, as I'm sure that drinking juice from one of these cups leads to the distasteful grungy "stickiness" that I've long assocated with toddlers. Oh well, such is life!
  • Sitting up unassisted. The Mad Dog has a tentative ability to sit up unassisted. This works well, unless there is a slight puff of breeze from a passing insect or an imperceptible tremor from some undiscovered fault happens. In those cases, he topples over like an unbalanced drunk / Ohio State fan.

The Eyes of Me:

Keith and Patrick's outstanding documentary following the lives of four blind teenagers in Austin is continuing to impress on the festival circuit. After taking the South by Southwest film festival by storm with two smashingly successful screenings, they are showing in AFI Dallas Film Festival this week. The Eyes of Me has already picked up must-see recognition from The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Observer, and the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

I've seen the movie, and it's fantastic. Congratulations to Patrick and Keith for all the well-earned recognition.

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Sarah said...

Get a "spill proof" sippy cup -- they are pretty cool. We have been letting Austin have one while he's in his high chair. I don't think he gets the concept, but it is fun. He HATES rice cereal...unless it has somehting mixed in for flavor. LOOOVES avacado though.