Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby Clothes Paradox

It doesn't matter how many tubs of baby clothes you own. It could be 5 cubic yards of outfits, the result of picking up hand-me-downs from friends and dozens of pricey shopping trips to Target and Carter's.

When it's time to get the kids ready in the morning, the only thing you will find in the drawer is an outgrown 6m onesie, a strange pair of overalls, and an off-brand jersey made out of an awful synthetic fabric. Where did the thousands of outfits go?

It is a great mystery. One thing is certain. The outfits will magically return to the scene as soon as they know that they have been safely outgrown. Box 'em up and hand em off to the next happy expectant couple. Say something like, "Little Billy is going to look so good in that outfit." They can discover the baby clothes paradox on their own.

1 comment:

amandakoell said...

Do you think the clothes are hanging out with the "missing socks" somewhere laughing at us? I say we hunt them down! :)