Monday, July 24, 2006

Invitations Smivitations, Who Needs 'em?

I find myself in a situation that tests the magnitude of my patience, and I think that I've almost lost this battle. It all started with a dream several weeks ago. Our wedding was going to be happening in a week, and there was a multitude of things that hadn't been done, in particular, invitations were not sent out. We were expecting that people would actually come having not been invited. I was scared and distraught, and I awoke to the banging sound as if an old car was backfiring that my A/C currently makes everytime it turns itself on or off (that story is for a different blog). I didn't get too upset about my nightmare as this is not the first wedding nightmare that I have had, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

The cliffnoted version of what followed...
  • Mom calls Party City to get an update on invitations-Party City Doesn't Answer
  • Mom thinks Party City is closed-Shannon thinks mom has a serious case of FBSS (Female Bad Scenario Syndrome), it does run in our family
  • Mom and I go up to Party City-in fact, they are closed (A mother's instinct is almost always correct!)
  • Lots of phonecalls to lots of people
  • Conclusion: After 5 weeks of waiting-Invitations were NEVER ordered by Party City!
  • Enter: Bridezilla Shannon
  • Invitations ordered-RUSH, should be here Friday
  • Invitations not here on Friday-"apparently" UPS tried to deliver them on Thursday, but it didn't happen.

It is now Monday and yet, no invitations are in my hands. Am I stressed? Of course! Have I cried? Multiple times! Am I ready to throw down with some Party City employees? They should seriously watch their backs!

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