Sunday, July 09, 2006

How We Met

A good part of the story of a relationship and a wedding is the "How We Met" story. There are really two parts to this narrative. First, under what circumstances did these two people out of the random billions in the world happen to cross paths. Second and most importantly, why did these two people start holding hands, cooing at each other, and travelling to family christmas' in places like Abilene and Tuscaloosa?

Ours is the good old fashioned friend of a friend story. I like friends of my friends, because someone who has befriended me probably has pretty good taste. Well, the lovely miss Shannon started showing up at some social activities in Austin at the behest of SuperFriend/Groomsman to All, Chris Floyd.

In particular, I can recall a Super Bowl Party and a bowling night here in Austin. At this time, both of us were not looking for dates. I just remember being surprised that a girl was actually hanging out with us guys.

A funny thing happened on the way to the American Idol finale. One day, Shannon sent an e-mail to her group of friends asking if anyone could record the upcoming episode of the American Idol television show. As a southern gentleman and owner of Tivo, I sprang into action.

When I delivered the tape, we started talking. Hours later, some kind of little radar in my heart started blipping and picking up a reading. This beautiful, intelligent teacher (COOL!) girl suddenly seemed very intriguing. One thing led to another, and suddenly we're sitting down for our first date at uber date spot, Romeo's.

Fantasia: Bringing People Together Since 2004

This has been a wonderful life-changing couple of years. And it all started with a tape of American Idol Season 3. (I'm just hoping that we find more success than Fantasia Barrino did)


Sarah said...

Can I add to this that Miss Shannon had offers from others willing to perform the recording services on her behalf...but told me the she asked Chris to do it so she could talk to him more?! It was all part of a big plot! :)

shannon said...

Admittedly, I did secretly hope that Christopher would pick up the offer to tape American Idol for me.

Chris said...

I was had! Shannon is very sneaky.