Friday, July 21, 2006

Reception Food Tasting

The preview tasting of the caterer's reception food totally rocked. Shannon, Chris Floyd, and I spent two hours at the Shoreline Grill wining, dining, and working on The Plan(tm) for The Day.

Everyone says that the bride and groom don't get to eat during the reception due to the amount of Hubbub and the excitement. Based on this food tasting, I am going to be eating at the reception no matter what it takes. I apologize in advance if we're catching up, and my conversation sounds like "Hmmph, chomp, Hurrrmph..."

Without giving away too much, there were a few all-stars:
  • The parmesan-crusted chicken over penna pasta with preserved lemon sauce
  • The best darn grilled shrimp I have ever tasted
  • Some fancy little tart things
For the Commish, there was a fine assortment of absolutely delicious sauces ranging from a fresh basil to chipotle aioli. Feel free to sauce it up.

The food is going to be good. I look forward to seeing yall there. I'll be the guy in the tux at the front of the buffet line.

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PJydenneK said...

We can hardly wait to taste the food. Everyone I have talked to say that Shoreline Grill is one of the best places to eat in Austin.