Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bachelor Party (Part 2)

I promised a part 2 to the Bachelor Party weekend so here are some more thoughts.

The Irresistable Charm of Natty and Matty:
Ryan and Nate, your boundless energy and effusive charm sent shockwaves through the female citizens of Austin. They eagerly await your return this weekend.

Drinking and Driving is No Bueno (Tahoe-Nooooo!):
Some foolish schlub crashed his Chevy Tahoe into a light pole right next to us on the way back from 6th street circa 2:30 a.m. He tried to pull back into traffic with his newly pimped ride ("Yo, we added a custom V indention to yo' front end. If your clothes are wrinkled, steam 'em out using your busted radiator! Word!). An Austin Police cruiser also witnessed this event, so the Tahoe driver was hauled off to jail.

Please, please, please be careful and smart this weekend.

Something Else to Love About Austin:
Say what you will about immigration, I think it's pretty awesome that there are multiple shops in east Austin that will custom-make a pinata to any likeness. Nice find, Chris.

I've Got Some of the Best Buddies in the World:
My nickname is The Big Hurt. I'm way too competitive. I'm a horrible loser at poker games. I don't go visit my friends nearly enough, especially the ones up in Dallas. In spite of all this, there were a bunch of guys from all over Texas and Austin at the bachelor party to celebrate with me. Thanks for one of the best weekends I can remember.

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