Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Day is Nigh

We are inside of 168 hours until the big wedding day. We're in the middle of the whirlwind with last minute details to handle. I want to apologize in advance if we mess up any of the 'little touches' that are required for throwing one of these shindigs.

We are wrapping up the music with the DJ, meeting with our reverend this week, moisturizing rose petals, finalizing dinner plans for the rehearsal, trying to get a wedding band to fit my 10 3/4 size ring finger, getting the marriage license, packing and shopping for the honeymoon, penning thank you notes, closing out on gifts for folks, managing a mountain of gifts, and doing other things that I have forgotten about (sorry, Shannon)

A wedding is a logistical nightmare tied up in a pretty white bow, but the memories and experiences so far are already irreplaceable. I love that this occasion lets us reach out across the years and across the miles to bring our friends and families closer to us again.

And so, the big weekend in Austin approaches. The support, best wishes, and love sent our way from all of you is palpable. Here's to everyone having a safe trip and to the Caribbean remaining hurricane free!

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