Saturday, September 09, 2006

Moms, Bowling and Blowing

I've found that unlike most mom's my mine has a tendency to get less crazy as time progresses. She is a little more laid back, a little less uptight, and overall very pleasant to be around. She is easy to talk to, and so easy going that I can tell her when I don't like it when she does something, and we work out our problems without anyone getting offended!

Yes, in all of the pre-wedding hoopla, people learn your lingerie sizes, and many of your personal tastes. What is your favorite design of silverware, or a place setting, but in an e-mail to my brother, my mom got a little too personal!

Subject: Wedding activities invite for Thursday evening

You should have an e-mail from Chris Floyd. It is an invitation to the blowing on Thu. evening. I know you are getting in late, but I thought you might like to look at it and call us the minute you get in. I do not know how long we will be bowling. I can hardly wait to see you!!!!!!"

Mom, it is SO important to read your e-mail's before you send them!

I love you, and it was Danny's idea to post this on the blog!

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