Monday, September 25, 2006

We Made It!

The wedding was an amazing whirlwind of an experience for us. We weathered all the chaos and last minute actions with absolutely tireless help from true friends. Those of you baking cookies, running errands, decorating the site, driving people around, printing pages, and keeping us sane and on track...Thank you!

It's funny; since that fateful evening, January 7th, 2006 we have been in planning mode. Months and months of preparation and anticipation came down to a beautiful evening that I can barely remember. The whole evening felt like about 5 minutes. Several people had warned us that that would happen, but it was shocking.

Shannon and I were touched and honored to have so many friends and family travel from all over the place to be at the big party. We really wanted the whole thing to be about great friends, great food, and great times, and I hope that showed up in the details.

Again, thank you to everyone..We love y'all...


Sarah said...

The wedding was PERFECT! :)

Can I request an on-going Sieber Family Blog? I'll be so sad with nothing to read by the ever-witty and newly-minted Mr. and Mrs. Sieber!

Chris said...

Cool! I think we will keep the blog going. I hope we can maintain our large (fairly silent) audience =).

I hope you and Clay had a great weekend. let me know how "The Knife"tm works out.

Sarah said...

Holy moly! That knife is AWESOME!! We are looking for more things to chop, slice and dice...that was the best present ever for Clay!! :)