Monday, October 30, 2006

The Science of Playing Dead

The Texas A&M football program is apparently not the only beast that plays dead. Nature is full of examples of animals that feign death when facing down predators. Laying motionless, versus fleeing, seems counter-intuitive. As one scientists notes: ""If you're a pizza and you play dumb, I'm still going to eat you." Yet, this behavior may actually work, according to scientists.

Some animals really get into it. The little hognose snake actually rolls on its back, mouth agape, creating a very cadaverous look (not unlike Joan Rivers). The linked article delves into this fascinating natural behavior. Read it to make your brain more smarter.

The Science of Playing Dead


Sarah said...

Texas A&M will only get to PLAY dead for a few more weeks. All of us in Waco are hoping they will actually BE dead after and encounter with a REAL team in Austin. Hook Em.

Chris said...

Wow...thanks for the support! That was a tough game Saturday. I hope y'all had fun, regardless of the outcome.

Does Clay like Coach Fran yet?

Sarah said...

I just asked Clay and he said, "No, but he is moving up on my list. I still would not be upset if he got fired".

Of course he is lying...he is back to suckling at the A&M teet of ignorance & drinking the maroon kool-aid. He even said today at lunch, "...and if we beat Texas..."! Oh God help us all, he's lost it. :) lol!