Monday, October 16, 2006

Sometimes Left Behind...But Never Forgotten

Q: What is titanium, round, size 10.5, and sitting on my bedside table?
A: D'oh!

I've never worn jewelry. Well, I think back in middle school I had a series of ill-fated gold chains that never seemed to last long. I got them at the mall. They were the type of gold-plated bling that could turn skin green and that definitely should not be taken into our neighborhood pool.. Oh, I suppose I wore a woven friendship bracelet or two in elementary school. I think I also wore a few of those 'jelly' bracelets back in the day. The Textile Embodiment of Friendship

Thankfully, I never pierced my ear. That's about the only bad jewelry fad I missed.

This wedding band thing has thrown me for a loop a few times. I take it off to sleep, and sometimes, in my horrific pre-coffee morning state, I forget to put it on for the day. Symbolically, this is not a good thing.

Overall, I have failed to wear "The Ring" 3 times since September 16 for a success rate of about 90%. A ring is a small piece of metal. Don't sweat the small stuff, they say, but they never had to face down a disappointed Shannon.


kat said...

Lordy boy! Didn't they teach you anything in Husband 101???
Perhaps a remedial course is needed. You only take the ring off for #1 surgery, and #2 if you're working with dangerous machinery!

Chris said...

I know...It's not good. I'm getting better, though.

Sarah said...

Actually, Clay's finger/hand has been saved from certain smushing a few times during home projects because he had the ring on! I say surgery is a definite and dangerous machinery should be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Lord help you if you ever LOSE said don't even want to know what would happen then! :)