Monday, October 30, 2006

Week 4 Kickball Update

Our intrepid kickball squad faced its toughest foe of the season Friday evening: Austin rush hour traffic. The kickball fields are in the Southeast corner of Austin, and a 6:30 pm game time made for a brutal hourlong drive down I-35.

There's an old joke about giving driving directions in Austin: you always start out with the phrase, "First, you want to stay away from I-35..." Kickball is vitally important, so we took our medicine this time.

Only seven players from our squad actually showed up, but our friendly opponent lent us a female player to reach a quorom. This week we played a green-clad band of Mass Communications graduate students called the "Commandos."

Grad students generally aren't the most atheltic folks out there (apparently less so than our merry gang of rag-tag players). We won this one 8 to 4.

Game notes:
-The Ball-Busters played one player short in the field, but we were still able to hold the Commando offense in check. Shannon played another solid game at first, including a tough catch on a pop-up. Her eyes were completely shut, but she made the grab.
-Chris Floyd and I continue to completely lock down the entire left side of the field on defense. We are also a combined 20 for 24 at the plate (.833 batting average)
-Manny pitched a wicked kickball game with fast, erratically bouncing, borderline-illegal pitches.. I spotted some brown gunk on his pitching hand that turned out to be a chunk of dirt.

We're still rolling, but a game with league powerhouse "The Bumblebees" looms ahead next week. Will we pull off a shocking upset and remain undefeated? Stay tuned to find out later this week.

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