Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Day in the Life

I'm not sure what time it is, but it's quiet and dark. Even that strange furry creature that licks my head is asleep and not barking for once. Those barks get me every time, and my hands fly up in the air. Stupid Moro reflex.
I'm so bored, and kicking my legs is just not that entertaining any more. I'm really jonesing for my pacifier right now. The stupid thing is sitting on my chest. I try to pick it up, but my arms flail around like Philip Fulmer at an all-you-can eat donut buffet.

I've had enough. It's time to fire up the vocal cords. What does a baby have to do to get a little bit of service in this joint?
"Wah. Wah. Wah. WAAH. Waaaaarrgh! Waaaaargh!"
The two giant faces seem to have heard me. I can hear something like, "Can you check on the baby? No, can you do it this time? I'm so tired….." Anyway, here comes mom-face.

My pacifier is back in my mouth. Ah, sweet relief. Doh! It fell out.
"Wah. Wah. Wah. WAAH. Waaaaarrgh! Waaaaargh!"
Ok, it's back in again. I've got magic powers. I just scrunch up my face and scream, and the pacifier is summoned to my mouth. Turning red seems to help.

Should I sleep or should I experiment further with my new screaming powers? My pacifier just fell out again. That settles it. A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do. WAAAAAA……..

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