Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Roundup

  • We're all still recovering from the insanity of the Christmas season. Christmas decorations have been taken down, but I have not yet lugged them to storage. By the way, the "War on Christmas" has taken its toll. As I typed this entry, my political correctness conscience kept pushing me toward typing "Holiday."
  • The Magical Mystery Christmas Tour of Texas for Shannon and Me covered the following cities: Potosi (outside of Abilene), Holly Lake (Tyler), Jacksonville (Tyler), Plano, Lewisville, Keller, and Waco.
  • We attended our first ever Commish's Casino Night at my old high school hang-out, The Sants (the Floyd household). The cookies there were phenomenal, especially a plate of Commish's famous "Dese Nuts" cookies. It was great to see old high school friends. We're all getting old, be we ain't dead yet.
  • Special thanks to Santa Olie-O for the Bama mini helmet and the state of Texas calendar. Both items are proudly hanging in my dismal cubicle at work.
  • Jon Merril's Austin Pop Culture Trivia Contest is coming soon. This contest, modeled after the awesome VH1 show, has been in the works for many months. January 20th is the preliminary targeted date, but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • The next cooking contest is also just around the corner. The Soup or Salad challenge will again test creativity and cooking acumen. It's always a great party! Details to come here and via E-vite sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

DRS says...

quick rant

Thx for putting the war on x-mas in quotes. Whether you meant it or not, that signified to me that you are aware of the stupidity of the whole concept. There is no war on x-mas. There is only a lack of politeness to those who don't give a f**k about any of it.

While we are busy fighting real wars (whether declared or not) or pointless wars (meant to read "war on drugs"), we still are making no effort or headway on the righteous campaign against ignorance.

Need beer. Bye.

Chris said...

That is an excellent rant.

I think the Colbert Report refers to the war on christmas in a satirical way, and I was making reference to that.

Go have a great beer, and keep up the good fight.