Friday, January 12, 2007

Yet Another E-Mail Forward Hoax...

I just received this picture of a gigantic rabbit via e-mail.
The purpose of this posting was going to be all about how people are always emailing urban legends, unverified stories, and photoshopped fake pictures. I was going to look at how the mystical medium of e-mail is so effective at the spreading of these tall tales and phony stories.
Is it that everyday is so mundane that we really want to believe the outrageous stuff that hits our in-boxes?

Perhaps we all have a strong desire to entertain and impress the folks in our distribution lists. It doesn't matter if the information in the forwarded e-mails is entirely true. What is important is that it gives a moment of enjoyment, disbelief, or, even a few laughs to the recipient.

I was going to conclude by telling the loyal audience here that is your friend. This site offers a way to immediately check the veracity of e-mail forward that you receive. You, too, can become the Captain FunSquasher who chimes in on e-mail forwards with the sad truth that it's all a bunch of hooey.

A funny thing happened on the way to my soap box. This outrageous, obviously fake photoshop rabbit photo is apparently not an e-mail forward hoax. So, please just enjoy these photos of the giant rabbit named "Herman". Oh, and is still your friend.

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