Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tribute to a Friend

Day after day we have worked together. When I first left the good times of college and staked my cubicular claim in the business world, I had no idea how close we would become. Any problem, no matter how big or small, can be solved in your grid of dreams with your formulas of hope.

I've made shopping lists, graphical household budgets, and multi-billion dollar financial statements with your steadfast support. Heck, you helped even helped plan my wedding. The color coding and sorting options for our guest list was great.

Unsung Hero:
You have a legion of devoted fans, yet there are no stories on CNN or in the filler segments of the local news. Millions of us speak your secret language, but never to each other.

Control-C, Control-V
Alt - E - E
Alt F S
Control - Page Down

This is a tribute to my best business partner, Excel. May all your macros run without run-time errors, and may your #REF? and #NAME?s be rare.


Anonymous said...

DRS says

Dude, how far apart have we become. The last time I could do the most basic anything on Excel was MIS 310. Since then, my Excel skills have been plundered and Pillaged. My Wordperfect skills, however, are awesome. Not very helpful, but awesome nonetheless.

Chris said...

This is the life I have chosen. You've got legal stuff crammed in your head, and I have Excel Kung Fu.

Anonymous said...

No Ladies, You can't have him...he's mine with all of his geeky charm! -s