Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Puzzler of the Day

Dear Blog Audience:
You as a collective group are extremely intelligent because of the following factors:
  • You are skillful and shrewd internet users who have transcended forwarding emails and discovered the nirvana of the blog world
  • You have good taste in blogs
Lest your frighteningly keen intellect begin to atrophy, we will be throwing up periodic puzzlers. Please feel free to post the answer, because the first correct commenter will receive a luxurious prize or a congratulations.

Please do not cheat by Googling up the correct answer. It's exactly what I would do in your shoes, but please don't sink to my level.

Carl and I started out making the same salary.

Then, last year, Carl got a raise of 10 percent. I think they cited two things that primarily were responsible for that: perfect attendance and improved grooming.

And I got a pay cut of 10 percent. So while Carl got an increase of 10 percent, my pay was cut by 10 percent. The reason they gave was "poor puzzler performance."

Now, this year, however, they raised my salary by 10 percent, and they had the good sense to reduce Carl's by 10 percent.

The question is, who's making more money now, and why?

(borrowed shamelessly from Click and Clack's beautiful radio program):


Matty said...

I believe it's equal, although less than you were originally making before the increase/decrease or vice versa.

$100K + 10% = $110K
$110K - 10% = $99K

$100K - 10% = $90K
$90K + 10% = $99K

Or have I been stumped???

Chris said...

Congratulations, Matty. Your fabulous prize is one blog posting on any topic of your choosing.

Comment here or email with your topic and it will appear on this blog at a future date.

matty said...

Two options:

1. A ficticious Day in the Life of Vince Young
2. How can the MLS gain popularity in the US?

Chris said...

Heck, I may do both of them. Excellent ideas. Congratulations, again. Those years in the taffy industry have sharpened your intellect.