Friday, December 12, 2008

Lyrics to Clown Lullaby

Go to sleep, Go to sleep.
Or the clowns will eat you.
They'll drive up here.
They'll find your crib
In their overstuffed clown car!

Go to sleep, Go to sleep,
Or Bozo will get you.
He's got pies.
He's got a scary face,
And he's on his way now!

Go to sleep. Go to Sleep,
or Chuckles will get you.
You'll join the circus,
Become a sideshow,
and grow up a Sooner fan!

Copyright 2008 - Chris Sieber - Republication of this original work is discouraged. Author is not liable for emotional trauma or nightmares that result from singing this to children.


Anonymous said...

I believe if there was just a touch of banjo picking in back ground, that could be a hit.

Chris said...

Let's make it happen this Christmas. I'm not kidding!