Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Marginally Useful News

We are knee deep in baby lately, but that's not all that has been going on lately.

The Economy:
I stopped the bleeding in my 401k by reallocating my stock funds. The damage has been done though. I might end up a 79 year-old door greeter at Walmart, and Michael may have to attend Barber College (if we can afford that). In all seriousness, we're doing great, and we hope that this Auburn offense-esque economy shows some improvement soon.

King of Pizza:
A couple weekends ago, our friend Chris, aka Big Chompy, crushed the competition in a runaway victory in the Homeslice Pizza extreme pizza eating contest. Friends and family from all over Texas overran the place and did some serious ruckusing for Chris.

Shannon and I collaborated on posters for the cheering section. Here are a few favorites:

"Chris causes global food shortages"
"Don't eat me, Bro! (said by a cartoon pizza slice)"
"No Justice, No Pizza!"
"Chris Bankrupts Buffets"

Michael and Austin, Chompy's biggest little fans, showed their support in stunning customized "ThreePeat" onesies featuring a photo of Chris at the end of an eating contest.

It was a great day, and we are all very proud of Chris for winning yet again. Actually, we care about getting the best New York style pizza in Austin for free for another year!

Thanksgiving Highlights:
We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house in Round Rock, then hustled into town to watch the Longhorns crush the poor defenseless Aggies. We played an awesome Screenball game in Plano. GSK, my friends. Michael also made his first visit to the Sants. We capped off the weekend with dinner at Clay and Sarah's place in China Springs. There was another baby summit between Mad Dog (Michael) and the Moose (Austin), but talks were tense as there seemed to be some fussiness in the air. In conclusion, Roll Tide and the BCS and OU can kiss my grits.

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