Monday, December 15, 2008

Sieber Family Christmas Road Show

We're coming soon to a city near you!

12/19 (afternoon) - San Marcos, TX
12/19 (evening) - Georgetown, TX
12/20 to 12/22 - Holly Lake Ranch, TX
12/23 to 12/28 - Dallas, TX
12/29 - back home in Round Rock

There are too many Christmas celebrations and friend gatherings scheduled on the calendar to count. We'll be hauling a half-wild, half-sedated Corgidor, a happy baby in his car-seat, and a car full of presents and holiday cheer. Here's hoping that all bodily fluids and functions are minimal and/or safely contained.


Sarah said...

WTF Siebers? Where is the Waco stop? Corgidor needs to visit her peeps in Co-town! :) I see how you are, we are just another notch on your Christmas belt -- only good for quick meals and restroom facilities. Fine, be that way.

shannon said...

Waco stop on the way husband can't help but invite himself over to the Collins' House!

Chris said...

I was trying to set up a Panera breakfast stop on the way through town on the 20th, but Shannon said no bueno. She always gets mad because if we are going to be within 50 miles of Waco, I try to invite myself to your house =).

Sarah said...

We'll be insulted if you DON'T invite yourself. Besides, we need to see Michael!!