Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Awesome Pie at Home Slice

The Sieber family trekked down to South Austin last night for a Sunday night dinner with the Floyd brothers. We enjoyed yet another completely free dinner thanks to Chris' ongoing dynastic reign as the pizza-eating champion. We noted to a waitress last night that our baby Mikey probably holds the record for most visits to HomeSlice without eating anything (4 and counting).

The average pizza at HomeSlice features 1-3 toppings. The pricing model: Cost of Pie = $16 + $2x (where X=# of toppings). Freed from the constraints of cost, Chris's free pizzas are a crazy laboratory for experimenting with topping combinations. A typical order might be 7 different toppings. There have been some strange ones over the last three years, with clams, broccoli, fried eggplant, anchovies, and ricotta making appearances.

Last night, while the other paying customers where enjoying their cookie-cutter pizzas, we enjoyed a fantastic overloaded pie free of charge, as always. If you ever get a chance, try thinly sliced fresh pear as a pizza topping. It works phenomenally well.

Toppings: pepperoni, meatball, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and sliced pear.
Cost (comped): ~$28
Tasting notes: Sweet and savory/meaty notes with a hint of aromatic basil. The flavors hit the right notes with a great balance of salty, savory, sweet, and acid. The pear was the standout addition, adding great texture and sweetness. The usual suspects in our free pies, meatball and basil delivered once again. Overall, a top notch topping combination at a price that cannot be beaten ($0).

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