Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mystery Diagnosis Check off list...

Now that I have a three month old infant, I'm becoming versed in many new sicknesses that I never knew could affect a person like they do my son.

I can recognize gas almost before it gets to a bad point.
I've also learned that extreme out of character fussiness can be related to my intake of caffeine. What an unfortunate thing for me, but great thing for Michael!
I can recognize when something is just a cough and not the croup (croup is more of a bark cough like a seal-Grandma GiGi told me I would recognize the bark if I heard it).
And lastly, I can now recognize when my son has Coxsackie A-16 virus which is a fancy name for Hand-Foot and Mouth Disease.

I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong at times that my son has already been plagued with the above sicknesses, but maybe I'm making super immune baby all the same!

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