Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bacon Control Officers

I have a good idea to help animal control officers.

Many diesel engines can burn filtered used fry oil from restaurants. Step one is to harvest large quantities of bacon grease and oil. This may require cooking a lot of bacon or establishing a municipal bacon grease recycling program. The city can distribute blue plastic coffee cans to be picked on trash day.

This bacon grease is then used in the fuel tanks of the animal control trucks and vans. The drivers will drive slowly on patrol, and the cooking bacon exhaust will begin to work its magic.

By the time the vehicle returns to the animal shelter, there should be a large mob of dogs, cats, squirrels, and hungry people in tow looking for the bacon. With a little corralling, the streets will be free of stray animals. Plus, everything will smell like bacon.

Other applications: bacon grease burning ice cream truck that sells bacon. Anyone know how to apply for a patent?

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